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Therapia H-Pillow, Memory Foam Travel Pillow, The Best Neck & Head Support Memory Foam Pillow for Perfect Comfort in Any Sitting Position, Red Quartz

12.270 KD
  • πŸ† Full Head Support - With the H Pillow no more the need to sleep on one side. Best for Leaning on either side with equal support and comfort.
  • πŸ† Easy to Clean - Made out of high quality breathable fabric, removable & washable cover makes cleaning a breeze and eliminating germs easy.
  • πŸ† Revolutionary Shape - The H Pillow is a never produced before shape. we maximize the uses with this shape, and multiply the support and comfort. The memory foam molds to your neck for the ultimate fit.
  • πŸ† Lightweight & Comfort - The H Pillow weighs only 355 grams and can be compressed into a very small size so as not to take up your entire suitcase.
  • πŸ† Super Ergonomic - Our ultimate top of the line 100% memory foam helps to relieve and prevent pressure points, support spinal alignments, reduce allergens, and is very durable. Test it. We guarantee it