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RICHAXE Chef Knife 8 inch - Full Tang, Forged Steel & High Carbon Chef Knife with 58+ Rockwell Hardness - Razor-Sharp Edge, G10 Handle for Complete Control, Stant & Rust Resistant Cooking Knife

by Richaxe
9.210 KD
  • ●Get a NEW CHEF KNIFE’s VIKING POWER TOUCH for your home cooking shows! RichAxe FORGED, FULL TANG chef kitchen knife cuts through steak like it is warm butter. Sharper than any comedian’s tongue, this 8 inch chef knife’s blade is also STAIN & RUST RESISTANT, thus qualifying it as one of the best knives you’ll have in years. This high carbon chef knife also comes with a 58+ HRC (Rockwell Hardness Scale) thanks to its blade’ carbon content which makes it one of the most DURABLE in its class.
  • ●EASY TO CONTROL ERGONOMIC HANDLE for your VIKING 8 inch KNIFE. The handle of our cooking knife is made of Top Military Grade G10 to ensure a SECURE GRIP, ANTI-SLIP handle so you can easily control it at all times. This material does not hold water and helps you AVOID FINGER NUMBNESS. This sharp kitchen knife is lightweight and comfortable to hold - no need to worry about long hours of cooking anymore.
  • ●Don’t take us for granted! Do the arm hair test when your new RichAxe full tang chef knife arrives! You also get a Bonus ODOR REMOVER SOAP, wich eliminates smells like Onion and Garlic from hands. And for the love of steel, do not put your ‘good’ knives in the dishwasher and expect them to hold up for years. We recommend you to HAND WASH this kitchen knife every single time. With the proper care you’ll find that this professional chef knife stands up to everything the kitchen throws its way.
  • ●MULTI-PURPOSE KITCHEN CHEF KNIFE, excellent for cutting, dicing, slicing or chopping due to its ‘on spot’ BALANCE. The DESIGN makes you think of a german chef knife, the STURDINESS makes you think of a japanese knife - in reality, this will become your go-to knife for almost everything and there’s no need for you to buy other carbon steel knives. It makes up for a great GIFT for any cook and rememb this slices like a charm so be careful who you buy it for!
  • ●YOU CAN’T LOSE: Our goal is to help you UNLEASH THE VIKING CHEF WITHIN! In the unlikely event that RichAxe chef’s knife does not fully satisfy you, we’ll promptly refund the money and you get to keep the product. Performance never looked so good at this price!