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Danya B. QB102-2 Modern Home Décor - Wall Mount Hanging Glass Cylinder Vase Set with Metal Cradle and Hook

by Danya B
13.750 KD
  • Glass
  • HANG FROM WALL HOOKS: The Danya B. set of 2 hanging vases with hooks can be used in a variety of ways. Each vase has a black ring stand made of rustic metal and a handle. Alternatively, the vase can be placed on the floor or on a table as a centerpiece in your home or office. This decorative plant holder looks beautiful in both indoor and outdoor settings.
  • CLEAR VASE OR PLANTER: The glass vase sits snugly inside the metal holder and is see-through. The opening at the top of the vase is small enough to hold plants in place, whether they are still living or have been cut as artsy decor. The clear vase will let sunlight through if you want your plants to prosper. Hang in your kitchen or on your patio.
  • GLASS CYLINDERS: These beautiful glass vases are made in China. The glass vases feature a smooth texture, giving them a modern look. Glass is such a classy material and whether you decide to hang your vase outdoors or indoors the vase will make your flowers or plants the center of attention.You can easily remove the glass for cleaning.
  • SOILLESS PLANTS: A modern trend uses hanging wall vases to grow plants using a hydroponic system. This use of a water-based nutrient solution gives plants what they need without soil. Most plants can be grown using hydroponics, but plants that prosper include orchids, lucky bamboo, hyacinth, philodendron, certain herbs, and more.
  • METAL HOOK FOR HANGING: Each glass vase sits securely in a case made of rustic metal rings that hold it firmly in place. This sturdy metal casing has a handle that makes the vases easy to carry, and it is also suitable for hanging the vases wall hooks. These vases are much more classy than hanging pots and come with the hook where the vase is mounted.