From slicing and dicing, to carve and paring, every kitchen needs a professional set of knives. Having a sharp knife that’s the right size and shape allows for better control, making food prep safer and easier. With so many different types of knives, it can sometimes be difficult to decide which is the best kitchen knife. A quality knife that's matched to the task at hand can increase productivity in your kitchen and provide better results. We offer a great selection of commercial Knives to match any task and budget! Shop Knives from Manzilly and get these delivered to anywhere in Kuwait, KSA, UAE, Qatar, and Oman.

6" Dalstrong Nakiri Vegetable Knife

Regular price 26.260 KD 30.200 KD

7" Dalstrong Santoku Knife - German H...

Regular price 26.300 KD 30.240 KD

Artboil Kitchen Chef Knife 8 inch - G...

Regular price 20.660 KD 23.760 KD

Daddy Chef Damascus Santoku Knife

Regular price 29.960 KD 34.460 KD

Dalstrong Boning Knife Japanese Super...

Regular price 37.490 KD 43.110 KD

DALSTRONG Chef Knife - Shogun Series ...

Regular price 44.710 KD 51.410 KD

DALSTRONG Chef's Knife

Regular price 45.080 KD 51.850 KD

Dalstrong Chef's Knife - Shadow Black...

Regular price 21.710 KD 24.960 KD

Dalstrong Cleaver Butcher Knife - Gla...

Regular price 30.050 KD 34.560 KD

Dalstrong Cleaver Shogun Series X

Regular price 44.990 KD 51.740 KD

Dalstrong Filet Knife 7" Flexible

Regular price 26.290 KD 30.230 KD

Dalstrong Gladiator Series Filet & Bo...

Regular price 22.540 KD 25.920 KD